Oney personal loan: should we count on this consumer credit?

The Unue Bank personal loan is a real loan for all projects. Without proof of use of money, this personal loan allows you to have the funds to travel, launch a project or even carry out work yourself. Compare OEG personal credit APR rates with those of other consumer credit players to determine if it is attractive or not.

The conditions of the Unue personal loan

The conditions of the Oney personal loan

The Unue personal loan is an all projects loan without proof of use of mUnue. It differs from car / motorcycle credit or work / decoration loan formulas, which provide proof. The conditions of this consumer credit are clear:

  • Amount: from $ 1,000 to $ 21,500 
  • Repayment period: 12 to 60 months
  • Fixed APR rate
  • Booking fees offered
  • Credit without proof of project

Unue personal loan: are the APR rates up to par?

Oney personal loan: are the APR rates up to par?

The APR rate makes it possible to honestly compare all offers of consumer credit. Including the cost of credit but also all possible additional costs, it represents a safe bet for the consumer. We used our comparator to compare the online personal loan of the main credit players with that of Unue Bank. Our simulation is based on two key amounts (credit 8,000 USD and 15,000 $) associated with classic repayment terms (36 months and 60 months).

Personal loan simulation $ 80,000 over 36 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Unue Bank 2.70% 231,48 $ 333.28 $
Best comparator rate 3.59% 234,53 $ 443.08 $
Personal loan simulation $ 15,000 over 60 months      
Unue Bank 3.20% 270.56 $ 1233.60 $
Best comparator rate 4.39% 278.31 $ 1698.60 $

The rates offered on the Unue Bank personal loan simulation are very attractive. Our various simulations indicate, however, that the Cofidis personal loan, that of Cetelem or even the Good Finance personal loan are sometimes better. Promotional offers can actually tip the scales on one side or the other. This is why it is important to go through a credit comparator before making a decision.

Disadvantages of the Unue Personal Loan

The Unue personal loan rates are very attractive, but the organization does not yet have all the advantages. The small black dot concerns the maximum amount authorized for a personal loan, set at $ 21,500. Unue does not yet offer 100% online subscription for non-customers. Always send a credit contract by post and wait several days before getting a final answer. On the other hand, customers who already have an Unue credit product (card associated with revolving credit, other loan) have the option of subscribing in full online.

The Unue personal loan compared to that of conventional banks

Personal loan offers from traditional banks are generally not very advantageous. Most of the time, they only make offers to their customers, and not the least affluent. You must benefit from advantageous conditions and excellent financial health to hope to obtain a promise of a personal loan. Credit organizations today have a monopoly on cheap credit.

How to Apply for an Unue Bank Personal Loan?

How to Apply for an Oney Bank Personal Loan?

It is possible to apply for an Unue personal loan on the organization’s website, using its simulation tool. Here are the steps to get your personal loan:

  1. Go to the site and select “all projects” on the loan simulator.
  2. Select the amount and duration of repayment desired, before continuing.
  3. The conditions of the Unue personal loan are summarized. They include the fixed APR rate, the monthly payments and the total cost of the credit. It is still possible to modify the simulation if the conditions are not sufficient.
  4. By clicking on “I make my request”, the borrower accesses the request form. It takes 5-10 minutes on average to complete it.
  5. Unue delivers his immediate policy response. In the event of a positive opinion, it is possible to download or request a sending of the credit contract.
  6. Send the signed and approved contract by post to the address indicated, including the requested supporting documents.
  7. Once the file has been received, Unue provides a final response within 48 hours on average.
  8. The final agreement triggers the start of the waiting period to receive the money, corresponding to a minimum of eight days.

Good to know: the borrower has 14 days to retract and cancel his credit, from its date of final acceptance (see the law on personal loan). You just have to fill in and send the withdrawal slip provided for this purpose (delivered with the contract or available on the site).

Supporting documents for the Unue personal loan

The supporting documents for the Unue personal loan are communicated transparently by the organization. Applicants must therefore provide at least:

  • A rib 
  • An ID
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old
  • Copy of the last salary slip, for employees
  • The latest tax notice for the self-employed or retired
  • Copy of the last account statement with direct debit of income