How to recover debt?

The first step on the way to recover your debts is to ask the debtor.  In the case of banks, debt collection is quite expensive for the debtor, which forces him to react.

What exactly is the prompt and why should it be used?

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A reminder is nothing else than a written reminder or a reminder to the customer that the deadline for fulfilling his obligation has expired. Its use is effective especially in the fight to develop payment discipline for business partners. The effects of sending a prompt depend on many factors, including the history of the debtor, the industry in which it operates, and the amount of receivables.

In the price lists, where all the bank fees related to the contract are located, the amounts reach up to several dozen USD for one reminder. The first reminder is sent 7-20 days after the debt arises and is repeated several times before going to court.

Debt collection should be well thought out

It is worth ensuring that the payment orders sent to the debtor are correctly drafted and sent by registered mail. Thanks to this, in the future they will be able to provide solid documentation that can be submitted to the court. Debt collection is intended to inform the debtor of the existing arrears and the date of its payment, so when formulating such a letter, remember to include personal details of the debtor, case number or contract number, date of conclusion of the contract, the amount of debt as at the date of preparation of the application (it consists of: the amount of capital, interest, and any additional costs: reminders, telephones, text messages), indication of payment date, announcement of sanctions in the event of non-payment (feasible).

Under Polish law

The second registered letter sent is considered to be delivered, regardless of whether it was received and read. Therefore, remember to inform banks about a change of address. This means that any order may become legal without the debtor’s knowledge.